The Romulans are a humanoid race from the planet Romulus in the Beta Quadrant. The Romulans are biological cousins of Vulcans , as they are descended from those Vulcans who rejected Surak's reforms during the Time of Awakening. The Romulan Star Empire is the Romulan state and one of the major powers known in the galaxy.

The Romulans are stereotypically considered a treacherous race, known for their deceptiveness and cunning. A formidable enemy, the Federation has made strong moves to establish and maintain a peace and cordial relationship with the Romulans. There has been some success in this front, especially when the Romulans loaned a cloaking device to the Federation in the late 2370s. The Romulans also joined forces with the Federation during the Dominion War. And although, the Romulans and the Federation have managed to keep a peaceful relationship with each other, there is still a cautious and somewhat deceptive nature in their encounters.

Notes of Interest

The Federation and the Romulan Star Empire have signed a treaty and remain at peace with each other, although there is little interaction between the two parties. Praetor Nevala is the current leader of the Empire.

Some Romulans have a "v" shaped set of subtle ridges along their brow, while others lack them. The reason for this is unknown to Federation scientists; but possibly represents slow changes in the Romulan genetic code comparative to their Vulcan ancestors, as they continue to adapt to their "homeworld". They are capable of tolerating lower temperatures than Vulcans, but still prefer higher temperatures than most humans and will succumb to cold much earlier than many species. They are several times stronger than humans, with greater reflexes and endurance. While they appear to have lost, forgotten, or abandoned most all of the touch-telepathic abilities of their ancestors, they retain the ability to share intense pleasure with a partner via those neural pathways by touching fingers. Like the Vulcans, their rate of aging slows considerably after the teen years and it is not uncommon for them to live to 200 or more. This affects their judgement of age and maturity; those under 50 are seen in a similar light to a human in their late teens or early 20's—physically and legally mature, but emotionally and socially unfinished.

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