Rukakon War

The Rukakon War was a war between the Federation of Planets and the Rukakon Hierarchy from 2382-2383, the second war with the Rukakon within ten years.

In 2382, the Rukakon engaged in open warfare with the Federation. Their initial assaults decimated Starfleet lines and many Federation colonies and outposts fell. In addition to victory over the Federation, they seized control of planet Earth for a time.

A reformed Starfleet and Federation of Planets finally pushed back the Rukakon in late 2383.


Rukakon have jet black skin, have yellow/orange eyes and ridges that follow their jawline up to their ears. They are generally very tall (on average 7') and well built. Their hair is dark and slick. (On rare occasions, Rukakon have been born with pale skin. Though this is generally considered an anomaly, there are some who consider this rarity a gift.)

General Background

They are a nomadic people, traveling in large numbers, settling new colonies en masse: following their losses during the Valkurak War (as key members of the Valkurak Alliance), they went so far as to evacuate their home planet, eventually finding their way closer to Federation space.

They are an intelligent, yet decadent people, steeped in Art and Culture. However, their continued need to spread and populate has not been easy, and this has moved them to form a massive military force. Their officers are well-trained and experienced in strategy and tactics, and though their superiority sometimes leads to arrogance and over-confidence, more often than not it is with good reason.

Notes of Interest

During the war, the Rukakon occupied most of the Sol System, and Betazed and Andor as well.