Sanya Warren

Sanya Janine Warren is the Federation Special Envoy for Gateway Sector and Cardassian Affairs.

Race : Human
Place of Birth : Chicago, Earth
Home Planet : Earth

Age : 44
Height : 5’6"
Weight : 124 lbs.

Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Ice Blue/Grey


Sanya is an expert in Cardassian affairs who prior to her assignment to Outpost 112 was posted to the Federation Embassy on Cardassia Prime. Her prior postings also included Corvalla and the Kressari and the Gallamite homeworlds, as well as a posting to Bajor during the Dominion War, and an additional posting to Cardassia directly following the Dominion surrender. She is also relatively versed — to the degree it is possible to be — in the affairs of the Sindareen and other species in or near Cardassian-claimed space, such as the Tholians and the Breen, as well as possessing a knowledge of the workings of the Dominion.

Prior to joining the foreign service, she served a few years in starfleet as a xenolinguistics and first contact specialist; during that time she oversaw the initiation of contact with several new species, including one which later joined the Federation themselves. She was pulled from her previous duty station on Cardassia to cover the Gateway Sector at Outpost 112 when the previous Federation diplomatic representative, Geoffery Giles, who had custody of his two young sons, was reassigned to the Federation Embassy on Cardassia after the Gateway sector was classified be an assignment too dangerous to bring one's dependents to—in ironic effect, the two essentially swapped postings. During the later Cardassian and Sindareen attacks on Forever World, she was instrumental in arranging evacuation of Federation refugees from Sindareen attacks on the colony at Gebe and from the Cardassian annexation of Gateway City prior to the final Cardassian and Sindareen attacks on the planet. She was also know during her time there as Outpsot 112's unofficial morale officer, making it her business to organize recreation opportunities for the base's personnel, especially after political and security circumstances trapped most personnel on-base, and paying special attention to young crewmen and officers away from home for the first time (as, she said, older and more experienced colleagues once guided her during her own first postings).

After the destruction of the Outpost, she was evacuated with the rest of the Federation survivors to Starbase Aeon. Initially serving a waiting period on the base pending the liberation of Forever World or a permanent reassignment, she was instead appointed by Secretary of State Rosslyn Tanaka as Federation Special Envoy for Gateway Sector and Cardassian Affairs—a quantum leap in her career trajectory due as much to circumstance and availability as to skill; in the classic and time-honored government saying that an expert is defined as someone who knows more about something than anyone else available.


Notes of Interest

Sanya was raised in Chicago on Earth; her mother, Amelia, is reporter and her father, Thomas, is a software engineer; they still reside in the same Chicago apartment Sanya was raised in, along with her father's parents, George Clark, a retired admiral, and Margarete Clark, a retired news anchor who originally introduced her son to his wife when she worked with her. Sanya has two younger brothers: Leon, 38, is a chef who owns and operates a Chicago pizza parlor and has a four-year old son, Jason, with his wife, Tina, a dentist. Nathan, 35, is a commercial pilot residing in London who primarily flies the Earth/Mars/Luna route and has a nine-year old daughter, Alexandra, with his wife, Nilani Zan, a joined Trill and accountant. Sanya was previously married just prior to the Dominion War to Michael Warren, a marine captain she met while the pair were both posted to Bajor, who was killed in the subsequent fighting. She recently re-married, marrying Major Erich Conrad Hirsch.

Sanya enjoys the finer things in life—spa days, fine dining, and good wine; however, perhaps owing from her background as a former first contact specialist, she also has a passion for studying both the history of alien cultures and the ecosystems of developing worlds; several of her leaves have been spent on safari on various alien worlds. She is fluent in Cardassian, Kressari, Gallamite, Ferengi, and Bajoran; and has a passing familiarity with Orion, Klingon, Tholian, Breen, Vulcan, Romulan, and Bolian languages and well as with the language of the Dominion.

Despite her outer serenity and confidence, Sanya has a definite love/hate relationship with politics and political processes sometimes, and tends to have a relatively unfavorable view of most politicians and political appointees, both Federation and otherwise; though she keeps these views closely held. She is professionally known as "SJ Warren" rather than her full name on some documents and records, because, as she says, "It's easier to sign".