Saris Kae'lin

Crewman First Class Saris Kae’Lin is a combat medic and intrusion specialist for the Leviathan platoon of SEAL Team 2 stationed at Starbase Aeon.

Age: 20
Sex: Male
Race: H’Tarran
Height: 6’8”
Weight: 196 lbs.
Languages Spoken: H’Traen and H’Trea dialects, Standard, Andorian.
Specialties: Intrusion, stalking, surveillance, zero-g combat, combat medicine.
Fleet Rating: Chef’s Mate

Physical Characteristics
Like most H’Tarrans, Saris keeps his head completely shaved. His skin is extremely dark gray with light gray freckles on the tops of his arms, shoulders, and cheeks that range in size from small specks to nearly a millimeter across. Saris’ eyes have two different colors – during the daytime, his irises appear a dark violet, but at night, they are bright orange. Saris is of average size for H’Tarrans, but appears slightly underweight by most bipedal standards within the Federation. On his chest and arms, he is adorned with intricate Siul’ran tattoos in pure black ink that he was given when he came of age and underwent the Tahl’Jahtae. H’Tarrans are not capable of sweating and are prone to overheating when exposed to direct sunlight, but those that have elected to leave their native moons have been taught techniques for regulating their body temperature. In frigid climates, H’Tarrans appear exceptionally comfortable and rarely need to insulate for warmth. During the daytime, Saris will wear protective eye shades to shield his sensitive retinas.

Personality Profile
Saris is well-disciplined. He is a trained hunter and exhibits the patience of one used to slowly stalking prey for hours on end. H’Tarrans as a people are thought to be related to the Rukakon due to their appearance and are highly sensitive to any prejudice shown against them. Saris’ first assignment was as a crewman apprentice aboard the USS Kumara, a mostly Andorian-crewed ship, where he was acclimated to Starfleet operations following basic training on Andor. After his assignment on the Kumara, Saris was forced to work in seclusion often or during overnight shifts due to the ridicule and torment he was targeted with due to his species’ apparent similarities to the Rukakon. Off-duty, Saris is a student of history and loves to hunt.

Combat Arts Mastered
F’ala Toun (grappling), Sharak Aiala (knife fighting), boxing, aquatic aikido.