Sarith is a mid-level Romulan diplomat who currently serves as deputy to Ambassador S'Ten Gaius.

Race : Romulan
Place of Birth : Romulus
Home Planet : Romulus

Age : 74
Height : 5’9"
Weight : 139 lbs.


The only child of a fleet commander and a successful merchant, Sarith hails from a common house, but a respectable one with a history of centuries of service to the Empire. After a single twenty year term in the fleet, where she served as a communications security officer on several warbids, she joined the diplomatic corps and has had a successful career since; serving several years as a junior member of the staff of the Romulan Embassy on Earth as well as at headquarters on the homeworld and during trade negotiations with the Tholians.

Notes of Interest

Sarith is considered to be quite well controlled and self-possessed, traits that have brought her to the attention of her superiors and led to her selection for positions one of her age might normally not be chosen for; she has a keenly analytical and calculating mind, but also has a definite sense of humor and something of an adventurous streak; she enjoys sampling foreign foods and drinks and other new experiences. She is adept at the use of a variety of weaponry including both short and long blades and well as disruptor pistols and martial arts and has participated in a variety of competitions throughout the years; and counts among her fascinations alien sports and games as well as home-grown ones.

She is currently single; her last serious relationship, an eleven-year pairing with fellow diplomat Narak, ended two years ago on the mutual agreement of both parties. She is close to her parents, T'Elya and Rezek, as well as to her grandparents and her cousins Ali'ena, Vorak, and Deila, and calls them weekly whenever possible; though she is beginning to tire of her mother's continual inquiries and hints as to when she will find a mate of her own, particularly in light of the essentially nonexistent prospects at her current assignment.

She has been a protegee of Ambassador S'Ten Gaius for the better part of the last twenty years, after coming to his attention relatively early in her career and the rebuilding of his. Though some warned her at the time not to get politically involved with the man due to his past transgressions and their costs to him, she believed he would succeed in regaining power and influence due to his skill and his innate family connections, and took the risk—a risk that has since paid off for her in her own continued advancement. For her part, she serves to a degree as a second mentor to Gaius' younger cousin and personal aide Ranek; though she also privately has some annoyance that Ranek's status as the Ambassador's personal aide rather than as a member of the diplomatic command structure means she cannot directly assign work to him, and therefore often ends up doing nearly all of the understaffed post's administrative and/or unassigned duties herself.