Sartek is a technician working for the Gateway Resistance.


Department: Technology
Race: Vulcan

Place of Birth: Vulcan
Home Planet: Vulcan

Major Area of Study: Technlogy
Minor Area of Study: Engineering

Age: Unknown; fairly young
Height: 6'
Weight: Average
Hair length: Short
Hair-color: Black
Eye color: Black
Complexion: Caucasian

Physical Description: Sartek shares the typical Vulcan features with many of his race. He could be considered handsome by Vulcan standards.


Sartek is not generally forthcoming about his past, but from what little is known, he was born and raised on Vulcan and studied at the Science Academy, where he excelled in the areas of technology innovation, design and repair. He inexplicably left the academyand Vulcanand joined the Resistance movement on Forever World. Many who know Sartek believe he was drawn to Forever World by curiosity about the Guardian and upon arriving disapproved of Starfleet's methods, thus deciding to join the Resistance. Others believe he was driven out of the Academy by boredeom and innui, although he would never admit such.

Notes of Interest

Personal Traits and Hobbies: Like most Vulcans, Sartek embraces reason and logic. He is very particular and precise in his manner, speech and work. He likes to back up his decisions and actions with lists of evidence and reasons, thus proving to othersand sometimes himselfthat he is thinking and acting within the boundaries of logic. He is in his element when working directly with all types of technology, and he uses this skill to aid the Resistance, improving and repairing their weapons, communications and transportation. He sometimes experiments and builds new devices from scratch.

One thing Sartek dislikes about working for the Resistance is the low quality of technology and supplies he is given to work with, and he is often heard complaining about this, though he is resigned to his duty. His greatest secret is that deep down, he enjoys being a rebel and finds the underground life stimulating.

Family: Unknown