Secretary Of Defense Tyson Smith

Tyson Smith is Federation President Azrixxiene Lishek's Secretary of Defense.

Tyson James Smith
Federation Secretary of Defense

Race : Human
Place of Birth : Australia
Home Planet : Earth

Age : 53
Height : 5’11"
Weight : 172 lbs.


Tyson Smith served for most of his career as a civilian with the Federation Department of Defense, with the exception of a 6-year break in service near the beginning of his career where he tried his hand as a private contractor for the Fleet. Like his counterpart Secretary of State Rosslyn Tanaka, Tyson found himself in proximity to then-Councilmember Azrixxiene in the aftermath of the chaos that enveloped the Federation in the early 2380's and was tapped by Azrixxiene as an informal advisor in her ultimately successful efforts to reconstitute the Federation Council and find allies in their struggle against the Rukakon. He later assumed the post of Secretary of Defense at her request.

Notes of Interest

Tyson is married; he and his wife, Emily, a painter, have three children; sons Alex and David and daughter Tabitha.