Secretary Of State Rosslyn Tanaka

Rosslyn Tanaka is Federation President Azrixxiene Lishek's Secretary of State.

Rosslyn Aiko Tanaka
Federation Secretary of State

Race : Human
Place of Birth : Tokyo, Earth
Home Planet : Earth

Age : 42
Height : 5’5"
Weight : 117 lbs.


A career foreign service officer who began her career 19 years ago, Rosslyn's past assignments included challenging postings to Qo'nos, Cardassia, and Mazar; more run-of-the-mill assignments to places such as Trill, Argos, Ramos IV, and Xyrillia; as well as a definitely not-so-challenging stint on Risa early in her career, a job which she once described as "mostly, visiting Federation citizens in jail who got arrested for indecent exposure while they were drunk".

She found herself in proximity to then-Councilmember Azrixxiene in the aftermath of the chaos that enveloped the Federation in the early 2380's and was tapped by Azrixxiene as an informal advisor in her ultimately successful efforts to reconstitute the Federation Council and find allies in their struggle against the Rukakon. She later entered into her current position only after several requests from President Azrixxiene to allow herself to be nominated. Generally an expert at working well with others, she has nevertheless occasionally clashed with Admiral Edward Jellico, the head of Starfleet; a perhaps inevitable tension given their often overlapping turf and mandates.

Notes of Interest

Rosslyn was raised in Tokyo on Earth, with the exception of three years in her pre-teens that the family spent on Vulcan when her parents were selected to teach classes at the Vulcan Academy of Science, a rare honor for non-Vulcans. As the child of two scientists, Rosslyn's parents, Isa, a geneticist, and Tom, a molecular biologist, have always been somewhat bemused with their only child's choice of career.

Rosslyn is married to a public affairs officer at the Department of the Treasury, Ian Karlov. They have have two daughters, Reiko, age 11, and Kisa, age 10. The family currently resides in New York City; Rosslyn and Ian commute each day to their jobs; while the girls join Ian's mother in Moscow or her own parents in Tokyo each day after school is out until their parents arrive home.

In her relatively non-existent spare time, Rosslyn enjoys photography, ikebana (flower arranging), swimming, ice skating, and basketball. In her younger days, she once took second place in the non-aquatic-species division of a Federation-wide swim meet, and tends to turn to swimming as a way to relax and burn off steam. She speaks several languages in addition to Federation Standard, including Vulcan, Klingon, Cardassian, and Benzite.