Sergeant Raul Marocain

Raul Marocain is a sergeant the 17th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion based at Starbase Aeon.


Name: Raul Marocain

Department: Starfleet Marine Corps
Rank: Sergeant

Age: 10 (equivalent to human mid-20s)
Sex: Male
Race: Kainan
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 230 lbs.

Languages Spoken: Kainan, Standard, Cardassian, Klingon

Physical Characteristics: Strong, lean and powerful with broad shoulders and a deep chest. Of mixed heritage, he has the wolf-like look of northern Kainans but the shorter smooth coat and whip-like tail typical of Kainans from the southern and desert regions. His fur is black with reddish tan markings. When serious or angry, he can look quite intimidating or even menacing. However, when he's relaxed and among friends, he seems fairly mellow and approachable.

Personality Profile: Like most of his kind, he is trustworthy, brave and loyal to a fault, especially to those he considers pack. And in his opinion, the Marines are the best pack in Starfleet. On duty, he is confident, alert and keenly focused. Off-duty he is friendly and generous with a touch of southern charm.

After a joint mission with SEAL Team 2, he has begun patiently pursuing a romantic interest in PO1C Morwen Haldane.

(writer: bookdragon)