Shelley Delyn

Shelley Delyn is a freelance reporter who writes for a variety of news outlets including the Federation News Network and the Bajoran Daily. She also writes pieces in the local Gateway City Gazette.

Name: Shelley Lieka Delyn
Race : Human/Bajoran
Place of Birth : Bajor
Home Planet : Bajor

Age : 24
Height : 5’5"
Weight : 114 lbs.

Hair: Red/Auburn
Eyes: Hazel


Shelley is the daughter of a human father and a Bajoran mother; her father, the pilot, captain, and owner of a small freighter (an occasional smuggler), met and married her mother, a teenage member of the Bajoran Resistance against the Cardassians, during the last years of the occupation, when she contracted his services to smuggle supplies. Shelley lived a good part of her first decade of life with her mother's Resistance cell; after the Cardassians' departure from Bajor when she was 7, her mother was commissioned as a junior officer in the Bajoran Militia and posted to Deep Space Nine, where her father also found work making his continued cargo runs.

In 2373, the evacuation of all Federation citizens from Deep Space Nine at the start of the war against the Dominion briefly separated the family; her mother remained behind on Bajor with Shelley while her father took his ship elsewhere for safe harbor; they were reunited after the Federation alliance retook the station.

Shelley began her press career in her late teens doing freelance work for various small Bajoran papers; soon her pieces were being picked up by larger, more reputable Bajoran networks and occasionally by the Federation News Network as well. She recently relocated from Bajor and Deep Space Nine to Gateway City, lured by the possibility of exclusive stories given the dearth of permanent press presence there on the part of most major networks…and, to a degree, by the cheap rent.

Notes of Interest

Shelley is a devout follower of the Bajoran religion despite her half-human heritage; however she chooses not to follow Bajoran convention in her presentation of names and is therefore primarily known as Shelley Delyn rather than as Delyn Shelley. Her mother, Delyn Meraza, 41, retired from the Bajoran Militia when Bajor joined the Federation as she did not believe she would "fit in" as a member of Starfleet; she later joined the Bajoran Civil Police and currently serves as Chief of Police in a suburb of the capital. Her father, Theodore (Ted) Maxwell, 48, still runs freight; albeit with a much larger, nicer ship than the one he once wooed her mother in. She has no siblings. A definite animal lover, Shelley is a fan of anything with fur and owns both a domesticated Bajoran harra-cat,Rejka and a labrador retriever, Benji, both of which she frequently takes for walks through town.

While she is careful to keep her personal political opinions from interfering with her work, she holds a unique perspective, perhaps, on the situation—to a degree, she sympathizes with the 'Gateway Resistance and is a firm believer is a society's right to self-determination; however, having seen firsthand the brutality of the Cardassians, she considers those who seek to entirely dismiss Federation presence to be dangerously naive, knowing the Cardassians would seek to replace them in a heartbeat and set up a totalitarian regime the likes of which she suspects many of the locals cannot even currently imagine.

Despite her precocious nature and professional success for her age, is still undeniably immature in some areas, namely her enjoyment of partying. She is an excellent springball player. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given her mother's history and her own, she has no love lost for Cardassians.