Sindareen are a reptilian species, native to the planet Sindar . They have sharp narrow eyes and scaly-slick yellow (sometimes orange) skin, with horns perturbing all over their bodies. They have razor sharp teeth and use their mouths only for food consumption. When they speak, sound issues predominantly through nictating membranes on their necks.

A warrior race, the Sindareen are known for their brutal warfare and malicious treatment of others. Lead by a selfish leader (Doyan Maror), the Sindareen have gained a reputation of villainous conquerors throughout the galaxy. They enjoy battle but do not follow an honor code. Sindareen are considered ruthless by most.

Generally competitive and opportunistic, many Sindareen have disavowed the Sindareen Nation, and seek personal gain. Many of these rogue Sindareen have become space raiders, who pirate unsuspecting starships.


Sindareen often act on primal instinct. Dominate males usually attain wealth, power, and woman, while weaker male Sindareen are bullied, and often killed. The Sindareen are considered large by human standards. On average they stand at eight feet tall, and display great physical strength. One Sindareen can successfully defeat up to four humanoid beings at one time in hand-to-hand combat.

Sindareen only consume meat, and prefer to eat their prey while it's still alive. Sindareen use their sharp teeth and claws to kill their food.

It is difficult to differentiate between Sindareen male and females, as their appearance are typically the same. Males are relatively larger and display more horns after puberty, while females are smaller and have fewer horns.

Sindareen females lay eggs, and their offspring are hatched.

Honors and Military Ranks

Doyan - Sindareen word for "Ultimate Leader". Highest power/title a Sindareen can attain.

Dalan - Sindareen equivalent of Admiral
Tark - Sindareen equivalent of Captain
Ter - Sindareen equivalent of Commander
Koss - Sindareen equivalent of Lieutenant
Rin - Sindareen equivalent of Ensign

Sindareen Starships

maror%20ship.jpg BattleCruiser.jpg
Doyan Escort Sindareen Warship
Cerberus.jpg battlestar-ships-11.jpg
Sindareen Raider Ship Sindareen Attack Fighters

Notes of Interest:

Physically stronger and more resilient than humanoids, they are barely affected by a phaser blast set on "stun" and are merely stunned by a "kill" setting.

Their natural aggression makes it difficult for empaths to read them; however, after a significant time with the same individual, an empath can get a better reading.

Sindareen have long tongues, similar to that of a snake. A Sindareen's tongue shoots out of its mouth when he/she is angry, upset, or on the hunt for food.