Sito Jaxa

Sito Jaxa (Bajoran - Surname First) is a part owner of Heaven Nightclub and Holosuites .

A former Starfleet Officer, Sito Jaxa is best known for having once served on the USS Enterprise-D. A member of the Enterprise crew, she was believed to have been killed (by Cardassians) in the line of duty in 2370 while on a secret mission. However, Jaxa was was not killed, only taken prisoner, where she spent several years in a Cardassian Prison Camp.

Race: Bajoran - Bajorans


While in Starfleet Academy in 2368, Sito Jaxa was a member of Nova Squadron along with Wesley Crusher. Under the direction of Cadet Nicholas Locarno, Nova Squadron attempted the dangerous Kolvoord Starburst maneuver during a flight exercise – an action that resulted in a collision and death of fellow cadet Joshua Albert. Sito and her fellow cadets lied about their flying of the illegal maneuver to a board of inquiry led by Rear Admiral Brand and Captain Satelk. When the crew of the Enterprise-D discovered inconsistencies in the report, Captain Jean-Luc Picard reprimanded Cadet Crusher and threatened to go to the board of inquiry himself, but Crusher eventually decided to reveal the true cause of the accident. Locarno was expelled from the Academy, while Sito and the other cadets had their academic credits from the past year canceled. Sito remained at Starfleet Academy, despite the stigma attached to the cadets involved in the cover up. Sito had to take her flight test with the instructor because no other cadet wanted to be her partner.


After graduating the Academy, Sito was assigned to the Enterprise-D at the request of Captain Picard because he wanted to make sure she had a fair chance to redeem herself, although she did not realize that at the time. She quickly proved herself while serving aboard the Enterprise, and was even chosen for a secret mission, transporting a Cardassian Spy across the Cardassian border. She was to transport the Cardassian across the border and then meet up with the Enterprise at a safe rendezvous point.


The Enterprise waited thirty-two hours for her to return, but only detected debris consistent with that of a destroyed escape pod. Eventually, a Cardassian communique was intercepted indicating that the escape pod of a Bajoran terrorist was detected and destroyed after escaping her Cardassian captor. The pain over her loss was felt by both her friends and her superiors. Picard noted that she was the finest example of a Starfleet officer and a young woman of remarkable courage and strength of character.

However, Jaxa was not killed but merely captured. She spent over five years in a Cardassian Prison Camp. She was finally released when an up-in-coming Cadassian Officer, Legate Levat , took a romantic interest in her. She lived with Levat for about a year, forced to deal with his physical and mental abuse. In 2376, Jaxa fled from Levat and took refuge on Forever World, where she worked as a miner, until Heaven Nightclub and Holosuites opened up, where she was employed as a waitress and bartender, in 2383.


After Evan McNamara is exiled from the Alpha Quadrant, he gives Jaxa part ownership of Heaven, to take care of things while he is away.

Notes of Interest

Jaxa is a relatively gentle soul, despite her horrific past. She withstood grueling punishment from her former lover, Legate Levat, which has left her cautious. Levat is her greatest fear.

Jaxa is well liked by the staff at Heaven. Evan McNamara makes certain she is always taken care of, feeling they are kindred spirits of sorts. Their relationship is purely platonic, as McNamara plays the big brother role. However, she has a tendenacy to lecture Evan and play more of a mother role to him.

Jaxa's best friend is Skud. The large Gorn is extremley protective of Jaxa, as she is one of the few people he actually likes. He too plays a big brother role.