Skudar, also known as "Skud", is the famed Gorn who works at Heaven Nightclub and Holosuites . An alien of few words, but known for his snarls and growls, Skud is a fighter, bouncer, former criminal and prisoner, bodyguard, enforcer, and weightlifter. He is often referred to as "The Green Machine".

Not one to brag, Skud has openly stated that he had been involved in between 2,000 to 3,000 fights in his life on the streets, in pubs and clubs, and in the ring.

Adding to Skud's strongman image was his famed weightlifting. Skud is extremely large and has been well known in the criminal undeworld. Although not very bright, Skud is a much respected and feared figure in the Gateway Sector, and especially on Forever World (and the Nightclub Heaven in particular). He is currently employed as the lead bouncer of Heaven, where he runs security.

Notes of Interest

Evan McNamara was able to hire Skud by a lucrative employment contract, that McNamara believes to be outlandish, yet worth every penny.

Skud is best friends with Sito Jaxa .