Solan Kendricks

Solan Kendricks is a traveling performer, who secretly works as a smuggler for the Gateway Resistance.


Place of Birth: New York, NY
Home Planet: Earth

Age: 35
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair length: Mid-back
Hair-color: Black
Eye color: Grey
Complexion: Brown
Physical Description: On the short side, Solan is often mistaken for a minor
when not in performance clothes

Major Area of Study: Dance history
Minor Area of Study: Galactic history


She's been a traveling performer for the past 4 years. Her husband, Victor, was unintentionally killed as a bystander in a skirmish between the Cardassians and the Federation seven years before. After she took up performing again she formed her troupe and started traveling the region. Within six months of that she began smuggling first medicine, then food and lastly weapons to the resistance.

Notes of Interest

Hobbies: Peforming

Personal Traits: Serious about her performance troupe getting to their engagements on time and being professional in their delivery and she's a real taskmaster during rehearsals. She intentionally gives the illusion of being light-hearted and whimsical to her public but she's actually a lot more cerebral than she appears.

Family: Parents back on Earth. Her daughter, Jana, is 12 and was born on Gateway. Her husband, Victor Kendricks, is deceased.

Jana Kendricks