SS Folklore

The SS Folklore is an Antares Class starship, thee latest model with a converted refit. The Folklore is under the command of Solan Kendricks, a secret member of the Gateway Resistance.

Ship Specs

7 Decks
Top Speed – Warp 5
Maximum safe speed when filled to capacity – Warp 3.5
Has HUGE storage facilities

Deck 1- Bridge

Deck 2 – Habitat Ring

Deck 3 – Sickbay 1

Deck 4 – Engineering

Deck 5 – Docking Entrance/Exit and a Messhall

Deck 6 – Storage 1 – Holodeck

Storage 2 – Company Practice Space

Deck 7 – Storage 3 – Runabout and Shuttlecraft (1 each)

Storage 4 – Cargo Hold, Sickbay 2

Deck 2 – Habitat Ring

The bridge crew are the only ones with their 'own' large quarters. Only Solan shares her two bedroom quarters with Jana. And Dr. Yang and Yandaxa share a one bedroom suite. The other officers each have one large quarters to themselves. The dancers all sleep 2 or 3 to a small room in bunk beds. The only dancer fortunate enough to have his own small quarters is the Bajoran male dancer. There is one spare ‘guest’ quarters. And that’s it.

Deck 3 – Sickbay 1

This is the sickbay used by everyone ‘officially’ on board, the bridge crew and dancers.

Deck 7 – Runabout/Shuttlecraft hold (Storage 3) and separate Cargo Hold (Storage 4)

Deck 7 can only be accessed after getting off of the regular turbolift on Deck 6. After walking all the way to the end of the corridor, you will find a separate turbolift. It can only be accessed with a special code. Only the bridge crew (all members of the resistance) knows the code. None of the dancers knows it.

Deck 7 – Cargo Hold/Sickbay 2

Designed specifically to hold things for The Gateway Resistance, it also contains a separate sickbay.

There are escape pods in 3 locations, two locations on Deck 6 (In the holodeck and off to the side of Storage 2/Practice space) and one on Deck 7 in Storage 4’s Cargo Hold

Notes of Interest

Captain – (Technically) Solan Kendricks
Communications – Morton Boroughs, male human
Navigation – Torel, male Vulcan
Helm – Yandaxa Shul-Yang, female Betazoid
Doctor/CMO – Dr. Michael Yang, male human (married to helmslady Yandaxa)
Engineering – John MacTavish, male human

SS Folklore Crew