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Dr. Michael Yang and Yandaxa Shul-Yang

Michael Yang is a native of Gateway. Yandaxa moved to the Gateway Sector to be with her new husband Michael. They got involved in the resistance because one of the Cardassian mining crews forced them off of their tiny block of land and there was no legal recourse. They appealed to the Federation and they told them they couldn’t do anything about it. To add insult to injury, they moved to Nervala II and after setting up a new home they lost it due to the Nervala Incident during which Yandaxa nearly died. Because Michael was a physician, he was able to get her adequate care and she fully recovered, but they found themselves homeless twice in less than two years due to all of these things happening in the sector. They decided to join up with the resistance because the Federation apparently couldn’t really do anything about the mistreatment of Federation citizens.

Doctor Michael Yang Yandaxa Shul-Yang
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Twice widowed, he left Vulcan upon the death of his first wife, T’Mara, after twenty-five years of marriage. He met and married a human woman named Sherry and he moved to Gateway with her since she was a native. History. He helped her raise her 3 children since their father was an absentee parent. He lost his human wife, Sherry, five years before in a Sindareen incident. One of those children he helped raise was just lost under Dyson Fleck, his step-son, Gary. He has since logically talked the other two adult children into leaving the Gateway Sector. He and Sherry were married for almost ten years. He is over 70 years of age, but to humans he appears to be in his 30s.