Stella King

Stella King is the headlining performer at Heaven Nightclub and Holosuites. She is known for her singing and playing of the piano.

Name: Stella King

Race: Human
Place of Birth:
New York City, New York
Home Planet: Earth

Age: 21
Height: 5’4
Weight: 106 lbs
Hair length: Waist-length
Hair-color: Dark brown
Eye color: Brown
Complexion: Olive
Physical Description: Petite and curvy.

Rank: Civilian
Major Area of Study: Music - Voice
Minor Area of Study: Piano


Stella’s parents passed away when she was eight years old. The Martins, Jonathan and Lydia, adopted her and gave her a house but not a home. It was Victoria who helped her overcome her loneliness.

She was a brilliant student, which pleased her new parents, but she felt that something was missing. It took her a while to remember that with her parents, music had always been a part of her life. A school play gave her the opportunity to rekindle that passion.

When the acceptance letter to Julliard arrived, the Martin’s reminded Stella that her “hobby” would never make a respectable career and they would not support her. Broken hearted she thanked them for what they had done…and left to pursue her dreams.

Stella studied full-time and worked at a jazz club as a waitress and singer. She barely slept her freshman year but her efforts paid off in the form of a scholarship. Shortly after, an agent that had seen her perform asked to represent her. Stella’s career took off faster than expected and even before graduation, she was a famous across the galaxy. She was a “Star” (Stella).

Notes of Interest

Hobbies: She enjoys sketching, oil-painting, playing the piano, designing and sewing clothing.

Personal Traits:
Stella is the hardest working woman in the industry and a perfectionist. If she signs a contract you can be sure her performance will always be the best. However, when it comes to her personal life she tends to be fickle and spoiled. The man in Stella’s life knows that “she’s always right or else…” and maybe that’s the reason why she hasn’t been in a relationship for a while.

Her best friend is Commander Victoria Martin.

Her birth certificate says “Stella Reyes” (King) but she considers herself famous enough to only go by one name.

Father: Samuel Reyes (Deceased)
Mother: Laura Reyes (Deceased)