Tal Shiar Chairman Sevek

Sevek is the current Chairman of the Tal Shiar; the leader of the Romulan intelligence agency and secret police.

Race : Romulan
Place of Birth : Romulus
Home Planet : Romulus

Age : Unknown (Rumored 160's)
Height : 5’11"
Weight : 174 lbs.


Very little is known about Sevek; other than that he came up through the ranks of the Tal Shiar since he was little more than a boy. It is possible he manifested extraordinary skills in childhood and was taken from his family at a young age to be raised by the agency, as such children sometimes are. A master at personal and emotional control, he might almost be mistaken for a Vulcan from the levels he is capable of, if not for the ruthless undertone to his speech and actions. One thing is clear: Others see of him exactly, and only, what he means them to see.

Notes of Interest

Sevek is rumored to be married to a Tal Shiar agent named Taela; however — unsurprisingly — no records have ever been found to confirm the existence of the marriage, or for that matter, the existence of Taela herself. Some versions of these rumors insinuate that the two have several children together. He is known for never turning his back on anyone.