Tam Almar

Tam Almar is the owner and proprietor of Gateway City Sliquors, located in Gateway City on Forever World in the Gateway Sector.

Almar’s reputation is that of a wily businessman with no fixed loyalties, but he has very strong opinions about the future of Forever World. His clients are the general populace of Forever World; he even supplies Heaven Nightclub and Holosuites despite his private dislike for Evan James McNamara.


Race : Cardassian
Place of Birth : Culat, Cardassia Prime
Home Planet : Cardassia Prime

Age : 58
Height : 5'10”
Weight : 178 lbs
Hair length : Standard/Slicked Backward
Hair-color : Black
Eye color : Brown
Complexion : Tan/pink hue
Physical Description : Leaner than most Cardassians, with a scar along his right jawline where a piece of shrapnel cut him.


Almar was born on Cardassia Prime in the city of Culat in 2328.The Cardassian Union drafted him into military service at the standard age, as is required of all males. He scored very highly on the aptitude tests and obtained a deferral to attend the University of Culat’s Military Institute. Upon graduation, he began serving in the Cardassian Guard with the fleet.

Since the Cardassian Union was occupying Bajor and had just formally gone to war with the Federation at that time, Almar saw no shortage of action. As a Gil, he served aboard the CDS Rekkel and was one of the few officers to survive an attack by Talarian raiders. The Rekkel was taken off the line due to irreparable damage and Almar was reassigned. He spent the remainder of his service as a Glinn under Gul Ranor on the CDS Kraxon. He served aboard this ship when the Kraxon encountered and captured Thomas Riker. After retiring from the Cardassian Guard, Starfleet believed Almar was affiliated with the Obsidian Order, although this has never been confirmed.

Almar came to Gateway Sector in 2383 with the arrival of the Cardassian mining colonies, planning to operate a chain of businesses. The instability of this Sector and the variety of claims reined in his enthusiasm to expand, however, and he’s apparently settled for operating one storefront thus far. However, most people believe he has his ear to the ground in most things that occur in Gateway City. His shop was victimized twice by Sindareen vandals early on, but no further incidents have occurred since the arrival of Starfleet on Forever World.

Notes of Interest

During the attack on the CDS Rekkel, Almar sustained critical wounds, including a long scar along his right cheek/jawline as a result of a falling support beam on the bridge of the Rekkel.

Personal Traits : Insightful, sarcastic, and cunning. Almar is passionate about being part of Gateway Sector’s future, and has a humbling respect for the Guardian of Forever. On rare occasions, he’s lost his temper, but usually only when the Maquis are mentioned. He sees some parallels in the Gateway Resistance, which disturbs him. However, the Resistance occasionally furthers his goals when it keeps the Sindareen in check.