The Emerald Queen

The Emerald Queen is located on a prime section of the larger promenade on Starbase Aeon. The "Green Queen" opened in 2387 and is owned wholly by Pok.

The club itself is beyond opulent and awash in green tones, metallic reflective surfaces, and designed so as to appear as if made of an actual emerald.

Containing upscale bars, dining, entertainment, gaming, and holosuite programs that would thrill anyone and everyone regardless of taste, the Emerald Queen is the crown jewel of the Starbase Aeon entertainment district and draws visitors from the far stretches of the quadrant.

The atrium contains a 30,000 gallon glass-walled swimming pool and a chandelier custom-made by the galaxy-renowned ZuVaz. Beyond the atrium, past two twin bars and myriad gambling tables and sports book stations, the main dance floor sits below an antigravity generator which suspends sculptures of the Aeon star systems' planets and moons in "orbit" of a green sun.


The dance floor itself is a perfectly polished obsidian black, which gives it a mirror quality to the planetary sculpture and green sun above making it seem like dancers were floating in space.

The second level of the club was primarily a dining area, but with gaming stations scattered throughout and a viewing area where one could watch the atrium from above. There was an extendable bridge that could be put in place above the atrium where a band or singer would be positioned to perform so that all could see from every level.

The third level of the club was the VIP level. Pok's office sat to one side, and a large spacious private suite to the other. The VIP dance floor was between the two and was made of a clear version of the dance floor two levels below. This allowed everyone below to revel in the fun going on in the VIP level, and allowed those above to watch through the floor everything going on below.*

The VIP suite was replete with sleek, yet comfortable couches, smooth glass tables, a private gaming table with platinum, gold, and silver chips and gold-rimmed playing cards, and a private bar tended by a bartender wearing little more than a whisper of fabric that barely covered anything at all. The ceiling was adorned with row after row of vertically strung twinkle lights that gave the ceiling an ethereal appearance.