Thyrali Zhiaru Ulaevi

Thyrali Zhiaru Ulaevi is an Andorian representative on the Federation Council.

Thyrali Zhiaru Ulaevi

Race : Andorian
Place of Birth : Andor
Home Planet : Andor

Age : 43
Height : 5’10"
Weight : 150 lbs.

Like most Andorians, Thyrali has blue skin and silky, straight white hair; she wears her hair mid-back length, longer than many of her species choose to, and will sometimes wear updos for formal occasions that take advantage of her antennae to anchor the style.


Raised in a typical Andorian home, Thyrali, a zhen, was paired with prospective mates in childhood; but their death in a shuttle accident in her late teens left her both fighting for her own life and unfortunately single. In a uniquely Andorian twist of fate, one of the doctors who attended her during her recovery from the accident had recently lost the zhen in his own quad, a Starfleet security officer, during a "misunderstanding" with the Cardassians. Within two years, Thylari wed the doctor, Shras, and his remaining mates; helping to raise their child and rear three children of her own while beginning her political career as an assistant to a member of the Andorian planetary government. She eventually served as a member of the planetary government herself before running for the Federation Council, on which she is in the middle of her third term.

Notes of Interest

Unlike some of her colleagues on the Council, Thyrali has little use for blustering and smalltalk; she makes her points freely and forcefully, in typical Andorian fashion. Despite her lifelong political and office work career, she enjoys sports and fitness and spends a sizable amount of her free time in the Council's small private gym; a fact that in the past has led a few of her colleagues to joke that the gym should be named in honor of her.

Over her three terms to date, she has probably been both enemy and ally in turns to just about every member of the Council; as the practical, forward, and undeniably aggressive-yet-honorable nature of her people has led her to doggedly pursue whatever position she feels is correct on a given issue, regardless of whom she must stand with or against to do so. It has been another occasional joke around Council chambers that you know an issue is complicated when she declines to take a position on it.

Thyrali is married; she and her spouses, Shras, a doctor, Akran, a Starfleet commander, and Iylara, a noted ice sculptor, have three 20 year old children; Lyrya, a Starfleet cadet studying security work; Thalev, a member of the Andorian police force, and Shyla, a university student who hopes to someday follow Thyrali into politics. She also has a "stepchild" or sorts, 23 year old Tara, who works as a teacher and martial arts instructor. Shras and Iylara currently reside with Thylari on Earth; the family keeps an apartment in Alaska in a complex catering to Andorians.