Timeline And Key Events


  • Evan James McNamara retires from Starfleet and later builds Heaven Nightclub and Holosuites on Forever World, Gateway Sector.
  • Azrixxiene Lishek, formerly the senior Federation Council Member from Betazed, is elected to a six-year term as President of the United Federation of Planets.
  • The Cardassia Union stakes claim of Gateway Sector and Forever World, and builds mining colonies.
  • Having already established an outpost in the sector, the Sindareen Government officially stakes claim of the Gateway Sector and Forever World, refuting the validity of Cardassia's claim.


  • Gateway Sector territory disputes breakout between the Cardassian and Sindareen Governments.
  • Sindareen Raiders begin to pirate starships in the Gateway Sector, focusing mainly on Cardassian Mining Ships.
  • Gateway Sector Colonists defend their colonies against Sindareen Raiders at the Battle of Kelari.
  • Starship engagements begins between the Cardassians and the Sindareen in the Gateway Sector.
  • Cardassia Prime announces Nonbinding Guidelines for Behavior in Gateway Sector. Sindareen refute Guidelines and announce plans to take territory dispute to a Federation Tribunal.
  • The Federation of Planets announces plans to mediate territory dispute between the Cardassians and the Sindareen. The Cardassian Government warns the Federation to stay out of Gateway Sector business.


  • Disputes escalate and a battle occurs between the Cardassians and Sindareen at Nervala II. 70 people are killed in the battle, including Federation Citizens.
  • The Federation defies protests from the Cardassian Government and sends in Starfleet to Forever World, establishing a base of operations on the planet and in its orbit.
  • Captain Daniel Carlin is assigned as CO of Federation Outpost 112 at Forever World, Gateway Sector.


  • War is officially declared between the Sindareen and the Cardassians.
  • The Sindareen invade Cardassia Prime.
  • The Battle of Forever (Forever World) takes place, Cardassians fortify the planet.
  • Outpost 112 is destroyed. Crew relocates to Starbase Aeon.