USS Al-Batani

The USS Al-Batani is a Yeager Class Starship under the command of Captain Jenna Orataft, and is part of the Federation Task Force assigned to put down the Gateway Resistance. It's registry is NCC-78300.


  • Production Base: ASDB Integration Facility, Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Mars
  • Type: Light Cruiser
  • Accommodation: 204 officers and crew
  • Power Plant: One 1,500 plus Cochrane warp core feeding two nacelles; one impulse system
  • Dimensions: Length, 402.11 meters; beam, 195.64 meters; height, 58.69 meters
  • Mass: 550,000 metric tonnes
  • Performance: Warp 9.55 for twelve hours
  • Armament: Seven type-8 phaser emitters; 3 quantum torpedo launchers


Commanding Officer: Captain Jenna Orataft
Executive Officer: Commander T. Laraka