USS Bonhomme Richard

A Legacy-Class starship, the USS Bonhomme Richard is assigned to Outpost 112 under the command of Captain Daniel Carlin. The Bonhomme Richard's ship registry is NCC-9641.

The Bonhomme Richard serves as a line of defense to Outpost 112 and the ancient alien artifact, the Guardian of Forever. However, its primary function is for space exploration and investigation.

It is equipped with a wormhole generator, which allows it quick travel through space.

Ship Specs

The Legacy-class is a Federation starship class that was introduced during the late 24th century. The vessel shares several design elements with the Sovereign-class, although much smaller in size.

  • Class: Enhanced Deterrence Explorer
  • Commissioned: 2372 - present
  • Dimensions : Length : 680 m4
  • Beam : 240 m5
  • Height : 87 m5
  • Decks: 20
  • Mass : 2,000,000 metric tons
  • Crew: 350
  • Warp Speeds: Normal Cruise: 8, Maximum Cruise: 9.9 for 36 hours
  • Armament: 8 Type VII Phaser Array, 4 Quantum Torpedo Banks, Heavy Duranium/Tritanium Double hull
  • Wormhole Generator


Commanding Officer: Captain Daniel Carlin
XO: Major Erich Conrad Hirsch
Chief of Engineering: Lt. Commander Paige Reagan