USS Edwin Abbott

The USS Edwin Abbot was the primary test bed for Starfleet's development of stable wormhole generating technology back in 2376, with Christa Novaq as a key member of the scientific team.

The ship maintains her science-focused role and is outfitted with the latest technology as needed. This includes her own wormhole generator, which resides in her special equipment module (atop the superstructure mounted on her primary hull).

As part of an agreement that includes shared scientific research and technological developments, the USS Edwin Abbot is regularly seconded to work alongside The Othanc Complex, of which Christa Novaq is now an senior employee.


Class: Sutherland
Designation: Advanced Research Vessel
Commissioned: 2375
Crew: 750

8 x Type XIII Phaser arrays
3 x Rapid Photon/Quantum Torpedo Launchers

Maximum Cruising Speed: Warp 9.997
Mass: 3,309,000 metric tonnes
Length: 442M