USS Kirishima

An Akira-Class Starship, the USS Kirishima is assigned to Federation Outpost 112, under the command of Captain Ryan Galen. The Kirishima's ship registry is NCC-31712. Heavily armed with it's multiple on-board weapon systems, attached fighter wing, and company-sized Marine contingent, the presence of the USS Kirishima is a welcome addition to the Federation interests in the Gateway Sector as well as to the Fifth fleet, also known as the Gateway Resistance Task Force.

Ship Specs

The Akira-class is a class of Federation starship that was in full service with Starfleet by the early 2370s. The Akira is nominally classified as a Heavy Cruiser/Aircraft Carrier. Originally a limited run vessel, the Akira-Class was put into full production status as the Federation took on a more wartime footing during the mid-2370's. The class has featured prominently in the Battle of Sector 001 against the Borg, and wars with the Dominion, Valkurak Alliance, and Rukakon.

Commissioned in 2383, the Kirishima has been refitted with an uprated SIF and has had two of it's Type X Arrays replaced with multiple Point Defense Oriented Type VII arrays to defend the ship from missile attacks as well as protect the vessel during fighter recovery operations. The warp-core and associated propulsion systens have likewise been up-rated.

- Production base: ASDB Integration section, Proxima Maintenance

Yard, Spacedock 2, Proxima Centauri
- Accomodation: Crew: 510 (135 Officers, 365 Enlisted crew)
Flight Crew: 200 (50 pilots, 150 Ground crew/Support Staff)
Marine Detachment: 140 (3 line platoons, 1 Company Command Section)


- Type: Heavy Cruiser/Medium Carrier
- Power Plant: One 1,800 plus Cochrane warp core feeding two nacelles, two impulse systems.
- Dimensions: Length: 464.43 meters
Beam: 316.67 meters
Height: 87.43 meters
- Decks: 19
- Mass: 3,055,000 metric tons
- Performance: Warp 9.920 for Eighteen hours
- Armament: Four type X Phaser Arrays, Eight Type VII Phaser Arrays, Fifteen Mk80 Pulse Fire Quantom Torpedo Launchers
- Defense Systems: Duranium/Tritanium Double hull plus 6.8 cm High Density Ablative Armour, Auto Modulated Shield System. High Level Structural Integrety Field (Uprated)
-Auxillary craft complement: 40 Fighters, 10 Shuttlecraft, 8 runabouts, 8 workbees


Commanding Officer: Captain Ryan Galen
XO: Commander Edward Hales
Chief of Security/Second Officer: Lt. Commander Nancy Lansing-Galen
Chief of Operations: Lieutenant Philip Dawson
Chief of Flight Operations: Lieutenant Esme Coullette
Chief Medical Officer: (Dr.) Lt.Commander Abraham Zhao MD
CAG: Commander Sublien Mier'Strahl
Marine CO: Captain Sophia Faulkin SFMC