USS Yukikaze

Name: USS Yukikaze
Class: Delta Class Mk IIIS "Ghost"
Type: Delta Flyer Runabout Warp Shuttle


Length: 21.2m
Width: 10.9m
Height: 4.28m
Decks: 1
Mass: 136.4 Metric tons (dry) 154.7 tons (Full loadout)
Complement: 1 pilot, 3 additional crew stations, 8 passengers, 24 Passengers (evac limit)
Mission duration: 14-21 days standard
Transporter: 1x 2 man transporter
Medical Suite: 1-2 bed Triage/Surgical suite

Normal Cruising Speed: Warp 6.8
Maximum crusing speed: Warp 7.8
Maximum Rated: Warp 8.3 for 18 hours
Emergency Rated Max: Warp 9.23 for 2.1 hours

5 x Type-VI Phaser Arrays (2 fore/port, 2 fore/starboard, 1 aft)
1 x Photon Torpedo Launcher (1 fore) (x 7/3 Payload..Proton/Quantom)
2 x 2 tube Photonic Missile Launcher (1 fore dorsal, 1 ventral turret mount) (x 32 Payload)
1 x Tractor Beam Emitter (1 Fore)


Self-modulating Unimatrix Shield grid
Mid Level Structural Integrity Field
Light Parametallic Double Hull
Ablative Armour with Radar retardant polymer surfaces
ECM/ECCM Bafflers
RomFed Mk II Micro-Cloak (Not installed at time of arrival to OP112)

Modular ports for additional cargo as well as additional gear

Design Notes:

The Ghost Pattern Delta Flyer is a recent addition to the expanding fleet of Flyer class Multi-role Runabout support vehicles based upon the original Delta Flyer design. The Ghost Pattern vessels are designed with Infiltration, Extraction, and Long-Range Recon in force operations in mind. They are visibly nearly identical with the baseline Flyer class of vessel, but are also approximately 12% larger in size, mostly to handle the boosted engine and weapon suites. The USS Yukikaze is the fourth of the class to be constructed, and the first to house both a Fed-Rom Cloaking device as well as an Advanced Tal-Rymes Electronics Counter Warfare Array.