Valkurak War

The Valkurak War was a war between the Federation of Planets and the Valkurak Alliance. This group appeared in early 2376. Outwardly hostile, they did not appear to have any motivation other than taking control of various systems in the Alpha Quadrant. To this end their aggression had been mainly directed against the Federation.

Their command hierachry of the alliance appeared to place the Denubians at the top, with the Rukakon Hierarchy acting as their command in the field. The Vok provided the majority of the workforce, backed by the strength of the Chalnoth. The Tzenkethi made up the numbers as did a minor race, the Muranin.

The Valkurak Alliance have used spys and sneak attacks in the past, and appear to have little or no respect for the lives of other races. They have destroyed several Federation fleets, and had gradually moved futher inside the Federation's boarders either by force or dealing with smaller races. Following their loss of the Vulcan system in the late 2376, they had become increasingly aggressive, openly attacking colonies, using engineered viruses, and capturing civilians.

By 2378, the dynamic of the Valkurak Alliance had changed somewhat. The Vok had withdrawn from the group, citing internal changes in their government. The Muranin were 'cut loose' by the Alliance as they did not appear to be contributing enough to the war effort. Their replacements, the vicious Cesere became members shortly thereafter.

A bold move by Starfleet cut the direct line of support for the Valkurak Alliance and pushed the fight back into their own territory. The war was brought to an end in 2379 with the death of the last remaining Denubian, War Leader Ty'Ida Moroda.

With that, the Valkurak Alliance was disbanded and it's members (excluding the Cesere), prompted to sign a Treaty of Non-Aggression with the Federation.