Vice President Sakat

Sakat is the former Vice President of the United Federation of Planets.

Race : Vulcan
Place of Birth : Vulcan
Home Planet : Vulcan

Age : 171
Height : 6'
Weight : 185 lbs.


Previous a mid-ranking member of the Vulcan delegation to the Federation Council, Sakat was tapped by President Azrixxiene to serve as her Vice President on the recommendation that he was a clear, logical thinker who nevertheless was adaptable in his ways and skilled in politics and in coexistence with and understanding of even the galaxy's more emotional species and the contributions they bring. He tends to serve as a sounding board and consultation partner on many of her policies; providing a cool, contemplative counterbalance to her fire and passion.

Notes of Interest

Sakat is married; he and his wife, T'Kia, a physicist, have four children — Tevan, Soran, T'Para, and Saia — and three grandchildren; Seren, T'Mira, and Koval.